Episode 7: Society for Neuroscience 2018 Music Science Review

Four Music Science attendees of the 2018 meeting of the Society for Neuroscience join Finn to discuss their experience of the conference, their own projects, and other interesting research presented. PhD Candidates Avital Sternin, Andrew Chang, Dr. Keith Doelling, and Prof. Amy Belfi get into the neural processing of song, emotion and alzheimer’s, leadership in small ensembles, onset prediction in the auditory cortex and more. Get an inside view of how Music Science fits into the biggest Neuroscience conference according to the young scientists on the ground.

Time Stamps

  • [0:01:06] Introduction of panelists
  • [0:03:12] Introduction of Society for Neuroscience Conference
  • [0:07:11] Music Science at SfN and in Neuroscience
  • [0:10:48] Avital’s project (introduced by Amy)
  • [0:21:50] Andrew’s project (introduced by Keith)
  • [0:33:18] Amy’s project (introduced by Avital)
  • [0:44:04] Keith’s project (introduced by Andrew)

Show notes


The So Strangely Podcast is produced by Finn Upham, 2018. The closing music includes a sample of Diana Deutsch’s Speech-Song Illusion sound demo 1.