Episode 3: Interactions of Metrical and Tonal Hierarchies with Bryn Hughes and guest Chris White

Music Theorist Bryn Hughes recommends Chris White’s “Relationships Between Tonal Stability and Metrical Accent in Monophonic Contexts“, published in the Empirical Musicology Review (2017). Bryn and Finn interview Prof. White about his sequence of perceptual studies on how tonal stability may inform metrical hierarchy and vis versa, and together they discuss implications for music theory and some common issues in music cognition studies.

Show notes

Time Stamps

  • [0:00:10] Intro with Prof. Bryn Hughes
  • [0:11:48] Interview: Corpus studies inspiration and Study format
  • [0:23:31] Interview: Effect Size and Gender as a factor
  • [0:36:00] Interview: Experiment 4 and more design questions
  • [0:43:34] Interview: Follow up and future work
  • [0:53:33] Closing summary and surprises with Prof. Bryn Hughes


The So Strangely Podcast is produced by Finn Upham, 2018.

The closing music includes a sample of Diana Deutsch’s Speech-Song Illusion Sound Demo 1.