Episode 2: Aligned Hierarchies and Segmentation with Vincent Lostanlen and guest Katherine Kinnaird

Data Scientist Vincent Lostanlen recommends Katherine Kinnaird’s “Aligned Hierarchies: A Multi-Scale Structure-Based Representation for Music-Based Data Streams”, published in the proceedings of ISMIR (2016). Vincent and Finn interview Dr. Kinnaird about this method for abstracting structure in music through repetition, how it has been implemented for fingerprinting on Chopin’s Mazurkas, and how Aligned Hierarchies could be used for other tasks and on other musics.

Show notes

  • Recommended article:
  • Interviewee: Dr. Katie Kinnaird, Data Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow, Affiliated to the Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown University twitter @kmkinnaird
  • Co-host: Dr. Vincent Lostanlen, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Visiting scholar at MARL at NYU, twitter: @lostanlen
  • Papers cited in the discussion:
    • M. Casey, C. Rhodes, and M. Slaney. Analysis of minimum distances in high-dimensional musical spaces. IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, 16(5):1015 – 1028, 2008.
    • J. Foote. Visualizing music and audio using self- similarity. Proc. ACM Multimedia 99, pages 77–80, 1999.
    • M. Goto. A chorus-section detection method for musical audio signals and its application to a music listening station. IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, 14(5):1783–1794, 2006.
    • P. Grosche, J. Serrà, M. Müller, and J.Ll. Arcos. Structure-based audio fingerprinting for music retrieval. 13th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, 2012.

Time Stamps

  • [0:00:10] Intro with Vincent Lostanlen
  • [0:17:22] Interview: Origins of the Aligned Hierarchies
  • [0:30:22] Interview: Implementation & Fingerprinting on the Mazurkas
  • [0:52:55] Interview: New applications and developments for Aligned Hierarchies
  • [1:02:57] Closing with Vincent Lostanlen


The So Strangely Podcast is produced by Finn Upham, 2018.

The closing music includes a sample of Diana Deutsch’s Speech-Song Illusion Sound Demo 1.